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Practical Subjects: Accounts (Part 1 & 2) and Statistics at your fingertips!

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This course will help you prepare for both the practical subjects of 11th Commerce GSEB Syllabus!
Learning it for the first time or need to revise concepts, this is the only thing you need to finish 11th Commerce Accounts (Part 1 & 2) and 11th Commerce Statistics!

Elements of Accounts (Part 1)
+ Chapter 1: Theory, Concepts and Terminologies
+ Chapter 2: Dual effects of transactions
+ Chapter 3: Journal Entries
+ Chapter 4: Accounting Equations
+ Chapter 5: Subsidiary Books
+ Chapter 6: Cash Book
+ Chapter 7: Journal Proper
+ Chapter 8: Ledger Posting
+ Chapter 9: Coming Soon!
+ Chapter 10: Bank Reconciliation Statement

Elements of Accounts (Part 2)
+ Chapter 1: Rectification of Errors
+ Chapter 2: Depreciation
+ Chapter 3: Reserves and Provisions
+ Chapter 4: Bills of exchange
+ Chapter 5: Final Accounts
+ Chapter 6: Accounting Concepts
+ Chapter 7: Coming Soon!
+ Chapter 8: Deshi Nama System
+ Chapter 9: Non trading concern
+ Chapter 10: Accounts from incomplete records
+ Chapter 11: Coming Soon!

11th Commerce Statistics:
+ Chapter 1: Collection of Data
+ Chapter 2: Presentation of Data
+ Chapter 3: Measures of Central Tendency
+ Chapter 4: Dispersion
+ Chapter 5: Skewness
+ Chapter 6: Coming Soon!
+ Chapter 7: Coming Soon!
+ Chapter 8: Functions
+ Chapter 9: Coming Soon!

Learn from our classroom videos where we teach concepts at a pace where students understand properly. Unlike animated presentation style videos that look cool but break concentration and lead to confusion, our classroom videos work really well for learning and understanding each and every concept for your exams ahead, as these are lectures delivered in real classroom where students provide immediate feedback if a concept isn't clear, which helps us, the teachers, to explain the concept again, help students to really understand the difficult topics, and emphasize on important lessons that will be useful throughout your career and life in general.

Who are we?
Lead by a team of chartered accountants with a passion for education and teaching. We have been teaching and helping students get great results since the past 18 years and have been pioneering and developing innovative ways to help students learn across 18 different locations in Gujarat. This app and all the courses in it have worked for thousands of students for a decade now and this is a step towards making it really affordable, convenient, and available for everyone.

Why should you buy?
+ Get access to the best faculty at an extremely low cost compared to physical tuition which costs more than Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000.
+ Over 30 hrs of classroom video lectures to help you understand each and every concept in detail.
+ Clear doubts anytime, get answers from our highly qualified faculty 24x7 right on your phones.
+ Revision will be very easy with our short notes, objectives, and quizzes.
+ Get daily tips, tricks, and motivations from our team of chartered accountants who have already experienced this journey and have helped hundreds of students succeed in the past.

If you are in 11th Commerce, let this be your secret to success!

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