Chapter 7: Population

Trends of population in India includes, size of population, population growth rate, birth-rate, death-rate, rural-urban population and more.


Population rise is the biggest and most important reason for the various problems faced by the world. The world has never ever witnessed such a fast rate of growth of population as in the present period and India is not an exception.

Between 1931 and 2011, there has been a continuous rise in population. In the year 1951, population of India was 36.1 crores which increased to 121.02 crores in the year 2011. i.e. in the span of 60 years population has increased by 85.7 crores and average rate of growth of population was around 2.5 percent. More population and high rate of growth of population along with very high rise in population after 1970 is identified as population explosion.


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