Chapter 6: Cash Book

A cash book is a subsidiary book that is prepared to keep a record of cash transactions.


In our previous course on Subsidiary books, we have studied some of the subsidiary books. In this course, we shall study cash book. A cash book is an important type of subsidiary book.
Generally in business, two types of transactions are seen: Cash transactions and Credit Transactions
Cash book is a type of subsidiary book in which cash transactions are recorded.
This book serves the purpose of a journal entry as well as a cash account. It is prepared in the form of a ledger account. The debit side of a cash book is known as Income or Receipt side and Credit side is known as Payment side.

In this course:
+ Introduction
+ Meaning and Importance of Cash Book
+ Types of Cash Book
+ Electronic Banking Transactions
+ Bank Book
+ Petty Cash Book


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  • What is a bank overdraft?
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  • What does the balance of bank account indicate?
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  • Explain the meaning of petty cash book.
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  • Explain the full form of NEFT and RTGS.
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  • Explain the importance of cash book in short.
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  • Explain Contra transactions.
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  • Explain bank book with illustration.
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  • Explain the meaning of Petty cash book on imprest system.
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