Ledger Posting

Let's learn how to prepare ledger accounts from a journal and the subsidiary books and also how to find balance in ledger accounts.

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Accounting is a process of recording financial transactions of a business. The objective of a trader is to get useful information relating to business from the recorded entries. For e.g. details of total purchase during the year, details of sales, types and amount of expenses, types and amount of income, total assets and receivables, total liabilities and payables, profit earned, loss suffered, etc. This type of information can be known from a journal or from subsidiary books.

In view of this information, separate accounts are prepared for the specific information from the accounting entries. The different types of accounts are prepared in a separate book, which is known as a Ledger Book.

For any organization, it is important to prepare different ledger accounts and to find balance in each account while preparing accounts.

In this course:
+ Introduction
+ Meaning of a Ledger
+ What is an Account and Specimen of an Account
+ Meaning of Posting
+ Utility and Advantages of a Ledger
+ Index and Forms of a Ledger
+ Process of Posting
+ Classification of Ledger
+ Balancing of Account